• 1/2 Size KickPro Bass Drum Pillows 2-Pak


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      The latest from MuffleLow Tech is a 1/2 size KickPro Pillow 2-Pak. You will receive 2 half-size KickPro Pillows for ultimate control. 

       Each pillow measures 10"x11" and works great in a pair or combined with our standard Kickpro pillow. Great for custom set ups and studio stuff.

    You can order 2 half-size pillows here

    1965 Arnica Joint Cream


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        Arnica flowers are a powerful natural cure for a long list of aches, pains, pulls, sprains and overworked tired muscles. 

      Native Americans have known about the healing properties of Arnica Flowers which grow mainly in the North Western United States for centuries. 

      It has proven to be amazingly beneficial for overworked tired muscles and joints, musicians, technicians, crafters and anybody else with repetitive motion injuries, strains and overworked tired muscles....or if you're spending long days staring at a computer, try some on your neck or swollen fingers. 

      I'm a drummer and was having problems with my elbows from overuse and this recipe cured it.,,,really cured it. 

      Tired feet? Absolutely try some there! 

      We started sharing with friends and not a single person didn't love it and most came back raving about how effective it was. I knew that we were on to something and made another batch and shared many more and all came back with positive results. 

        One small size sample tin will go a long way in curing many ailments and can be used several times per day.       

      1965 Arnica Joint Cream recipe contains only Arnica Flowers, Olive Oil, Bee's Wax, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint and always makes a great gift for yourself or a friend in need!